Bobrovnik Petr Petrovich
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Bobrovnik Petr Petrovich

Born 1971.

       I graduated from Bauman MOSCOW STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in 1995.
       Department of Materials and Process Technology with a degree in Electronic Engineering (MT-11)

Practical experience

      From 1995 to 2004 worked as head of the technical department retail chain stores "Электронный Двор" и "Кухонный Двор" ( Develop and maintain operation of the accounting program based on FoxPro, and then 1C. Practical experience with MSSQL. Writing drivers for use with commercial equipment (bar code scanners, label printers, magnetic card readers, POS terminals, autonomous fiscal registrars). The construction and maintenance of local networks. Administration of networks based on Win2000Server and Win2003Server. I finished the course "1C:Enterprise 7.7" (International trademark 1C DN). I have a certificate "1C:Professional" program "1C:Accounting 7.7". I have experience in creating configurations 1C. I also have experience of working in a big team.

      Creation and maintenance of databases is an interesting and demanding job, but I do not think this is his main vocation.

      From 2004 to the present day, I worked as a senior engineer in the department of development of electronic equipment "LED-TABLO.COM" ( I develop hardware and software for embedded systems. Brief description of some developments can be found in section projects. All devices are made completely by me. I have experience in dealing with customers, understanding their needs and building a highly detailed technical specifications. Planning a block scheme of the device and general construction. The division of tasks in the planning stages and the time of execution of works at each stage of development.
       Initially, the company produced only electronic equipment for the casino. Later, the company began producing LED screens, currency exchange rate boards, etc. products. There were other activities. One of the main activities in 2014 was the production of industrial controllers and automation equipment. Different orders and work have been made to different customers. One of the most interesting was the work for "М-Автоматика". Perhaps with the exception of moments when I had to climb into the underground tunnels.

Microcontrollers and chip familys:
- Microchip family, from PIC10 to PIC32
- Atmel all chips
- NXP (Philips) on the basis of core ARM (LPC2K)
- Texas Instruments Microprocessors
- Xilinx programmable logic chips
- I used a large number of different auxiliary chips (DRAM memory, Flash memory, Flash card, RTC chip, video processors, CCD chips, GSM modems, etc.)

Development Tools and Modeling:
- MPLAB development environment for Microchip Microcontrollers
- C++ Builder
- All popular compilers C/C++ (Hi-Tech PICC/PICC18, MPLAB C18/C30/C32)
- Knowledge of assembler for most families Microchip controllers
- IAR 4.xx for ARM
- Crossworks for ARM
- RTOS, I used a variety of operating systems for single-chip controllers (jacOS, TNKernel, OSA)
- ISE environment for creation and synthesis models for Xilinx FPGAs
- PCAD 4.5, 2000-2006 + Spectra (automatic routing)
- Altium Designer development of circuit design, PCB topology, 3D design PCB, component libraries.
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Corel Draw
- Nuke post-processing and video editing

Programming languages and hardware description:
- С/С++, I'm writing clear and documented code.
- Pascal (DELPHI), I have experience in building large software on it.
- Java, отлично знаю HTML, CSS
- VHDL, the experience of creating complex models for FPGA Xilinx
- Little programming experience in PHP, Phyton

Operating systems and interfaces:
- Excellent knowledge of the Win32 API, COM technology.
- DirectShow video capture and processing, create own filters.
- DirectX
- Work with USB, software support for Microcontrollers and PC.
- I know TCP / IP stack, has created own implementation of WEB-based server stack from Microchip
- Little experience in programming under Linux
- Experience with embedded operating system family Win XP Embedded. Collection of data on the target platforms and the creation configurations. Create own components for new hardware component and work programs.

Additional skills:
- Strong knowledge of digital and analog circuitry
- Significant experience working with graphics under Win API
- Practical experience in creating systems of pattern recognition
- English. Free reading technical literature. Business correspondence. Verbal communication
Personal qualities

      Easily learn new components, tools and approaches. Do not leave unsolved problems or obscure bugs, I always find a reason. Always use modern development tools.
      Sociable. Able to work in a team. Without any bad habits. Constructive attitude to criticism in any form. I believe that I am able to manage people.

I also have disadvantages: Do not allow to yourself disrespect and any attempts to violate any agreement. I do not like to flatter (especially in relation to the chiefs).
I believe that the employee has not only duties but also rights.

The purpose of creating this page

Convenient CV.