Universal controller for vending machines

A series of boards for slot/vending machines. The boards allow you to control DC motors, stepper motors, and various executive devices. Different board models allow different numbers of motors to be controlled. There are inputs for sensors both for short circuit and more complex ones (temperature, pressure, and others). All motors have current monitoring. This allows you to build various mechanical schemes of the machine without the use of limit switches. This greatly simplifies the installation of machines. The boards have the ability to connect various peripheral devices. Such as payment systems, indicators, keyboards, joysticks, etc.

Also, all boards are equipped with a sound output and memory for storing musical fragments or short recordings. The playing background melody or sound prompt can be quickly changed in the course of a particular game. Mixing of sounds (background and prompts) in real time is supported at any volume ratio.

The USB interface allows you to flash the board or open the game control panel to control or change parameters. There is an RTC module for timing. This allows time limits to be set if required.

Hundreds of different machines have been implemented on the basis of these boards. The possibility of remote flashing and control of boards greatly facilitates the adjustment of new machines and the maintenance of existing ones.

There is software support for all possible peripherals. All modules have a well thought out API. This allows you to create new game configurations with minimal investment in time.

Link to the site where these machines are sold:

This project was made from the beginning. Circuitry, development of boards, optimization of boards for production conditions. Software. The software includes both the bulk of peripheral support and the changing portion of the software from game to game. Control and management utilities for PC, drivers, software for multiple expansion units. These are displays, keyboards, various sensors. Support for remote software download.

Control utility window:

Two absolutely randomly chosen machines: